[Mono-list] RE: Windows.Forms

Dennis Hayes DENNISH@Raytek.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 18:01:28 -0700

I am currently working on the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
I have been focusing on getting the infra-structure complete for when gtk#
was ready.
I have not looked at how to do the real implementation, I was saving that
for the gtk experts.
Currently, all the enums, interfaces, delegates, and structures are almost
completely done.
Stubbs are complete for all but a handful of classes that are being worked
on now.
A small percentage of the classes are complete.

I intend to continue working on the System.Windows.Forms namespace, at least
for a while.
I am still concentrating on infra-structure that mainly requires typing, but
am beginning to move up into higher level tasks.

Anyone who wants to help can email me at dennish@raytek.com