[Mono-list] Windows.Forms, KDE

Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar AjayKumar.Dwivedi@dresdner-bank.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 11:20:07 +0100

> The problem is you can create other widgets and/or modify the 
> standard ones.
> This will require the emulation of half of the windows GUI, I think.
> So what could be done (perhaps), would be doing the standard 
> widgets, by wrapping them to the gtk+ widgets.
> This would make multi-platform GUI possible, but only in a 
> very limited way.

	I would have preferred to use a even higher level libraries 
like KDE or Gnome libs. IMO most of the windows widgets would be supported
in kde and gnome. I had used glade with gnome widgets about a year back
and most of the windows widgets are present in it. There would be one to
one mapping between Gnome/KDE widgets and windows forms widgets.
	I know I am sounding as if its a very simple job :) but I am really
interested in running windows apps on linux.

Happy Hacking,