[Mono-list] Serialization Support

Dwivedi, Ajay kumar adwiv@yahoo.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 02:47:06 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,
    A few days back I checked in the XmlSerializer
class with almost complete support for serializing Xml
Schema's. This also means it can XML serialize most of
the classes. Features not used by XmlSchema may be
absent. Deserialization support is still not there. It
is low priority for me as it is not needed by

    Anyone willing to implement the Deserializer and
complete the missing features of serializer?

    The serialization still does not work properly on
mono because of the absence of Reflection methods.
The methods needed by Serializer are:
    Type.GetFields().. etc

    If I am not wrong, they are runtime properties.
Any chances of getting them implemented anytime soon?
Happy Hacking,

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