[Mono-list] Building mono cs compiler

Laurent de Segur ldesegur@mac.com
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:45:52 -0700


Sorry if this has been repeated a 1000 times on the list, but the archive
search doesn't bring back the info.

I am on PPC Debian Linux, just did a cvs of the three modules, built
everything, but when it comes to the mcs module, I need apparently a
bootstrap to build all the cs files. I just surfaced the makefiles quickly,
and there seems to be no native bootstrap to build a cs compiler that would
enable a make from scratch. Is this right? How can proceed to build mcs
without downloading bins? If not, then where are the bins for ppc linux?

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction so I can get the whole shubang
to build and start working happily with the existing code base.