[Mono-list] Windows.Forms, KDE

Matej Spiller Matej.Spiller@siol.net
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 10:02:48 +0200

Is there really need to do this with conditionally code? Its ugly, and Gtk#
is more developed than other (they are actually not at all yet). So its hard
to maintain when you have 4 widgets sets.  I mean why not create completly
separate dlls, that have same dll name (system.windows.forms.dll) and when
you compile you select diferent dll, you wish to compile and then use.

Or even create one dll, that dinamicaly calls others widgets dlls. So you
have one Windows.Forms.dll and it delegates calls to others dlls. For
example you have Windows.Forms.dll, Windows.Forms.Qt.dll,
Windows.Forms.Gtk.dll Windows.Forms.Orig.dll.. On windows you simply replace
Windwos.Forms.dll with new one and woila you can have even under windows as
many widgets as you wish. Without changing the code.
And then you have one utlity where you can set your prefered widgets.

Matej Spiller
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> > BTW, when Qt# is ready I wonder whether the Windows.Forms wrapper should
> > created in Mono's cvs or somewhere else?  Mono's cvs would centralize
> > work, but this would require a dependancy on Qt# (which in turn requires
> > ;-) which is in kde's cvs at the moment.
> We can always conditionally compile the code, so the dependency will be
> optional.
> But see my other mail about my position on Windows.Forms at this point.
> Miguel
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