[Mono-list] late linking & dynamic invocation ...

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Jul 2002 16:13:55 -0400

> 	Unfortunately it's pretty useless for the C# programmer if he can't
> invoke methods on it without writing his own 'stub' code thus:
> 	Object [] args = { "hello", "world" ... };
> 	constructedProxy.Invoke (args); 

I also believe that we should have stubs generated for other classes:
either from the IDL file or from the ORBit Typelibraries.  This is very
much in the spirit of the SoapSuds program that ships with .NET

(btw, we need a SoapSuds implementation).

So you would so something like:

	corba-make-stubs --typelib Bonobo_module.so 

> 	The problem is the above sucks rocks, is no more type safe than really
> late linking and just well, ugly.


Now, what you *win* with .NET is that you can author a class, and you
could generate the IDL or the ORBit type libraries from it directly:

mcs proggie.cs
make-corba-typelib --class MyClass proggie.exe

Or something along those lines.