[Mono-list] CS-Mail-API

Michael Poole poole@troilus.org
03 Jul 2002 09:52:52 -0400

"Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar" <AjayKumar.Dwivedi@dresdner-bank.com> writes:

> > What's an InternetAddress? Anyways, that's not my biggest concern -
> > which is that the classes don't seem to address addresses like:
> > 
> > MONO: miguel@ximian.com, mono-list@ximian.com;
> 	This can be taken care of by using an Alias Class which extends
> EmailAddressList. The Alias class will contain one additional property
> AliasName.
> 	In fact the Alias is a Email client's burden and I am not sure if
> the
> mail API even needs it, since all aliases are expanded before sending
> the mail.

Just a minor, minor nit: Please do not name such a class an "Alias,"
since it is confusing and the name might lead people to think it is a
client-side construction.  RFC822 and RFC2822 call the
  Something: possibly-empty-list-of-mailboxes ;
construction a "group."  It is in fact a standard part of the Internet
e-mail address format, and clients and servers should both recognize
it.  (To not parse such addresses in received mailis an error; to not
be able to generate them is merely the absence of a feature.)

-- Michael Poole