[Mono-list] newbie looking for testing work and/or clues

Kevin Clifton kclifton@shaw.ca
Mon, 01 Jul 2002 23:14:34 -0600

Hello all.

I have been lurking on the list for a few weeks now, and dabbling in C# as 
a learning project.  I have a few hours a week to contribute and am 
interested in writing test cases that can be included in some automated 
test framework such as build-time regressions or a tinderbox setup.

I have read the testing info on go-mono.com, but I seem to be missing the 
part that tells me what parts of the project need test coverage.  I have 
found the details on NUnit and I'm getting familiar with that, but I'm in 
need of some guidance.  TIA for your patience if I'm asking dumb 
questions... here they are:

1) Has a testing lead been appointed for Mono or any of the 
sub-projects?  If so, I can take my questions off-list to her/him.  I've 
also seen some exchanges on testing and tinderbox setups between Nick 
Drochak & Andrew Birkett - have either of you two guys volunteered to lead 
this?  :)

2) My thought was that the logical place to start was in writing tests for 
the class libraries, rather than the compiler itself - is this correct?

3) Does there exist any documentation on "how to esure a class has test 
coverage"?  By this I mean a checklist or similar document that takes an 
example class and breaks out all the test cases that should be written for 
each of the various members (perhaps by type) in the class?  I'd see this 
as something that combines with the current TemplateTest.cs file to allow a 
newbie like me to build the list of all Test[whatever] methods that need to 
be covered in the Test class.  If it doesn't exist, and people other than 
me would find it useful, I'll be happy to write it.

I'm sure these will beget more questions, but this'll do for starters.