[Mono-list] Latest mono for Cygwin

Dan Lewis dihlewis@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 10:19:04 +0000 (GMT)

> Actually, on cygwin the io-layer is bypassed. Cygwin has its own wrapper
> for the native w32 calls (in the w32api package).  Mono has been known to
> build under cygwin (we try and keep it working, though none of the runtime
> developers builds it on windows very often), but the mingw "support" in
> configure.in and io-layer is really just good intention.

I see that in the io-layer.h file. But take a look at w32api/windows.h, about
line 145. Winsock is explicitly excluded from Cygwin builds - this is because
winsock clashes with cygwin's BSD implementation. If you try including Winsock
by force, all hell breaks loose at link time.

> The monowrapper library is being deprecated in favour of the io-layer
> library.

Ok, thanks! I wasn't sure what it was there for.

> The separation between windows and posix builds (the System.PAL namespace)
> is also being deprecated in favour of the io-layer library.  At the moment,
> sorting out class/corlib/Windows/Windows.cs to match Linux.cs shouldn't be
> too difficult - all the internal calls should be exactly the same.

That makes sense too. But I can't see Cygwin and Win32 coexisting peacefully
for much longer, as you continue to add functionality. That was my reasoning
behind suggesting that MinGW be the target (which after all is just native
Windows), and Cygwin only be the build platform.


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