[Mono-list] RadioButton

James Berry james@adastra.co.uk
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 15:57:13 -0000

Hi Gaurav,

>     You'll find a property "Appearance" associated with object RadioButton
> attached the code below for convenience) in the example for the
constructor. But
> I am unable to get its definition in the document.

In System.Windows.Forms.Checkbox Properties, there is a description of

"If Appearance value is set to Appearance.Normal, the check box has a
typical appearance. If the value is set to Button, the check box appears
like a toggle button, which may be toggled to an up or down state."

I've used this, and it behaves as advertised.  Now, the example for the
construction for the Windows.Forms.Checkbox also contains the same
Appearance example you have posted.  So if you're not seeing the Appearance
property through reflection for the Web control, I would suggest that it
doesn't exist and that you have found a documentation error.

I am away from a .net framework installed computer so I can't whip up an
example to test, but that's my gut feeling.

Hope this helps,

Best wishes