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Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:24:12 +0530

    Taking into account the various systems, partitions or install folders for
the Microsoft.NET Framework libraries (*.dll), noting that people like Nick
would have to write the install directory's path each time EnumCheck tool is
used, I have modified it to use the contents from "assemblies.xml" file.
    I will add this file to the ".cvsignore" on Monday or Tuesday, so that the
updated entries for an individual are not passed onto the others.

    Nick, you may now modify the assemblies.xml file, replacing "WINNT" by
"WINDOWS", and you're done. You don't need to type it each time.

***    Also, this file will give freedom to add / remove any assembly as
required. So, if I know I'd be most of the times working on System.Web.*.*
enumerations, I'd simply comment all other assembly in the list (in the xml

    Any further suggestions to decorate this or make it more friendly?

Gaurav Vaish

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: CVSROOT: /cvs/public
: Module name: mcs
: Changes by: gvaish 02/01/26 03:37:21
: Modified files:
: tools          : EnumCheck.cs makefile
: Added files:
: tools          : EnumCheckAssemblyCollection.cs assemblies.xml
: Log message:
: 2002-01-26    Gaurav Vaish <gvaish@iitk.ac.in>
: * EnumCheckAssemblyCollection.cs, assemblies.xml   -- Files related to
EnumCheck tool
: * EnumCheck.cs   -- updated
: * makefile      -- build EnumCheck
: Hey Nick, now you can use this tool very beautifully. Just modify the
assemblies.xml file.
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