[Mono-list] Patches to Mono.

Markus Fischer mfischer@guru.josefine.at
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 18:14:23 +0100

    Since many people are concerned about too lengthy cvs commit
    messages due the nature they contain an attached unified diff
    (and noone 'from the other side' semed to mentioned a word
    yet, for me it's important to don't miss a message, I don't
    care about the length of it) wouldn't it be just convenient
    to set up a separate cvs commit list (e.g.
    mono-cvs-diff-list@ in addition to mono-cvs-list@) ?

    I'm not quite sure what Miguel ment with the the patches list
    and how to integrating automatic commit messages to it. Maybe
    you meant dropping sending manual patches and just let
    mono-patches-list@ act as a cvs diff receiver list?

    There are already nice formating script available (taken with
    permission from php.net) which turned out to be very
    convenient (and it's not very hard to adjust them to a new

>    The plus side is that we get and automated setup (so we get the
> default behaviour by default), the downside is that you will get every
> single two-line commit to the CVS posted to that mailing list.

    Personally, I don't consider a single two-line commit a
    downside. Even there sometimes people manage to throw
    bugs/typos into it ;)

    - Markus

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