[Mono-list] Once upon a time on #c

QuantumG qg@nuclear.biodome.org
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 18:57:31 -0500 (EST)

Thought the list might find this amusing:

<QuantumG> "MCS was able to parse itself on April 2001, MCS compiled itself for the first time on December 28 2001.
           MCS became self hosting on January 3rd, 2001." - proof!!! The Mono Project has a time machine!
<Archeroff> I'm my own grandpa! :)
<Metalkid> Miguel codes so fast he went back in time
<Archeroff> that's relativity for you... as coding aproaches the speed of light, time slows down.
<QuantumG> I find the amount of energy required to accelerate my coding is lessened by the universal constant of
<Archeroff> and as your codine...oops i mean coding speed approaches C, the mass of your eyelids approches infinity,
            thus requiring an infinite amount of caffine.

Keep up the fine work.