[Mono-list] C++ to CIL compilers?

Ian MacLean ianm@ActiveState.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:16:34 -0800

Felix Breuer wrote:

>Are there any C++ to CIL compilers _except_ Visual C++? 
>The idea of making component programming and reuse language independent
>is IMO the best thing about .NET/Mono. But I hardly found any compiler
>apart from MS's development suites targeting the CIL. As only a C#
>compiler is planed as part of the Mono Project and as the GCC Project
>does apparently not plan to add a CIL backend, do I have to invest a
>substantial sum of money (that I don't have) in a set MS compilers to
>start using Mono (using a language other than C#)?
>Thanks for any advice,
For those interested in writing compilers for .Net see John Goughs new 
book "Compiling for the .Net CLR". He is the author of Component Pascal 
for .Net, an open source project that can be found here 

the book