[Mono-list] pffff... impressed

Benoît Rouits brouits@free.fr
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 02:51:34 +0100

Hello You,
I'm a small beetle on hacking and learnt a lot while reading Evolution 
source code.
I'was impressed by the quality of this kind of code and began to learn 
GTK coding style.
Now, i see you made a C# sharp compiler... Pffff, i feel very small and 
congratulate you,
Worldwide core hackers to provide us real usefull tools such as 
compilers, abstarction libraries, and so on... I encourage you to 
continue and also to make good documentation.
While reading your code, i learn more than when i was a student...

By the way, will you include CAMEL stream class in libgnome ???
It will allow us to not reimplement client protocols over the internet...