[Mono-list] Missing Interfaces in corlib

Derek Holden dsh2120@draper.com
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 10:25:40 -0500

Hmm, not the most optimal solution. In discussing the IConvertible stuff I 
was hoping to find all classes that implement it directly. I say add it if 
you don't mind, it may help me in some of the formatting stuff also.

At 1/14/2002 10:05 AM, Nick Drochak wrote:
> > Would it be easy to modify your tool that did this so that given a
> > particular Interface, it could generate a complete list of classes in
> > mscorlib that implements that interface? I only see  corcompare in
> > mcs/tools, so I apologize for asking if it's included somewhere.
> >
>Probably would be better to have a separate tool for this for now.
>I tried to make it, but found out that when you call GetInterfaces() on
>a type, it runtime walks the whole hierarchy and returns any and all
>interfaces implemented all the way up to System.Object.
>So it depends on what you want to know.  The MSDN docs show the classes
>that directly implement a particular interface, but the tool I wrote
>real quick will tell you all the types that implement the iface directly
>or through one of their ancestors; e.g. my tool says that
>System.AppDomainUnloadedException implements Iserializable.  It does
>through it's ancestor, Exception.
>If that's what you need (or would be useful to anyone else) I can add it
>to the tools directory.  It's *very* simple.
>Nick D.