[Mono-list] Java Bytecode -> IL Bytecode Compiler

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:23:06 +0530

Thanks everybody for live discussion, suggestions and good pointers.
    So, my status is as follows:

    1. I have to do a project in the course on Compilers
    2. I have to design a compiler - I am going for "jilc"
    3. I should soon be able to deal with simple bytecode transformation (lame
mapping and some corrections, like for switch-case thing, and getting the types
of all variables before going into a function. Calling it Level #0 compiler
    4. If everything goes fine, I'll carry on with next versions of the
compiler, adding features mainly, like type verification, type conversion
(java.*.* to System.*.* etc)

Gaurav Vaish

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: > From where do I get this? the wildwestsoftware.com is in hibernation,
: > while google does not be proper links.
: That domain is just a placeholder at the moment, the lib is available here:
: http://mono.eurosoft.od.ua/pet.tar.gz
: Also you may find this interesting, these guys released GPLed library
: written in C# to parse Java bytecodes:
: http://www.software4net.com/products/bcodeparser.html
: Cheers,
: Sergey