[Mono-list] problems with relicensing

Martin Coxall coxall@cream.org
Tue, 8 Jan 2002 21:55:08 -0000

> But what if now Ximian changes the license to "you can only use this
> code if you pay Miguel de Icaza two-hundred gorgan-zillian dollars",
> which would be in Ximian's rights to do.

Once GPL, always GPL. Ximian could re-release the code under a proprietary
license, but the GPL'd code would be available ad aeturnum.

I guess the important thing any person assigning their copyright to Ximian
has to ask is "do I mind my code being dual licensed by Ximian, with the
intent of using that proprietary software to fund further Free Software

To me, if RMS thinks it's okay, I'd be willing to trust him... ;-)