[Mono-list] Licensing

Richard Osborne r_osborne@linuxmail.org
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 08:51:28 +0800

Miguel, I think you misunderstood Joe Betz's question :-)

He was asking: What guarantee do developers who hand over the copyright of their contributions to Mono get that Ximian will not release this code under a more restrictive license that forbids redistribution as per the terms of a Free Software license?

Say I give you my LGPL'd code: how do I know that you won't take it and release <insert proprietary non-free application name here> based on it? I think the general consensus is that there needs to be some kind of contract to ensure developers that their code won't be abused (to take away the rights of other users, as RMS would put it) once the copyright has been transfered.

Will my code stay Free in your hands or will it be proprietarized?



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