[Mono-list] System.Threading stuffs

Veronica veron78@interfree.it
Tue, 8 Jan 2002 01:55:55 +0100

> Wow!  This is exactly what we were looking for.  A volunteer that would
> implement the Win32 threading routines.  We have only implemented them
> for pthreads.

I'm studying the code of io-layer comparing to my own work. When i finished
i'll see
the ECMA docs for the mutexes in System.Threading.
I had a talk with Dick Porter witch say me that the Win32 threading routing
already there , except for mutexes. The thing to do is write the required
internal calls
to make a wrapper for io-layer functions so to map these to mutexes in

> This lives in the `mono' module (the runtime engine), in the
> `mono/mono/metadata' directory.  Start  by copying the threads-dummy.c
> into threads-win32.c and you can go from there (you can look at
> threads-pthread.c for reference).

I see the code of io-layer and it use pthreads to get thread support.
For what threads-dummy.c should be writed?
Can you explain me better?

> Miguel