[Mono-list] Licensing

Joe Betz jbetz@pocketinet.com
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 12:14:04 -0800


My apologies let me clarify:

VA Linux stopped open source development on SourceForge recently.  They
are now developing and marketing a new version of SourceForge that is
not open source.  Under the license SourceForge was developed this was
allowed, but surprised some contributors and fragmented the open source
part of project (or so I have been led to believe).  My hope is to
develop a clear understanding of what assurances Ximian and the Mono
license gives to contributors.

I am not a lawyer but am under the impression that the GPL requires that
all code derived from GPL licensed code to remain open source.  I
understand, partially from Yonas post that the GPL also may have a
negative impact on a project due to this or similar restrictions.

I have faith that Ximian has the best of intentions.  I am confused
somewhat by the license and hope to have clarified:

1. Ximian's intentions for the code contributors write for Mono. 2. The
assurances Mono contributors' receive from the license.

Thank you,

Joe Betz