[Mono-list] TODO lists, missing types, et cetera.

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 04:33:21 -0700


Pardon any possible incoherency; I'm on my way to bed. ;-)

I've written a utility that generates XML todo lists for an assembly (to be
munged into HTML for the class status pages), and it optionally generates a
list of missing types by comparing with another assembly.

I'm getting a very odd result when I try and run it on corlib_cmp.dll,
though.  I get a really useless dialog box that complains about a
"Breakpoint exception".  The odd thing is, it works on any of our other

If you have a moment, will you update mcs/tools and try it out?  The code is
in mcs/tools/todo.cs.  Try running it something like this:

todo --diff int:mscorlib --maint ../../mono/status/type-maintainers.xml
     --out corlib.xml corlib_cmp.dll

This will create corlib.xml, add maintainer information from the new-style
maintainers XML file I added recently, and compare with the in-memory
version of mscorlib to generate a list of missing types.

Try it on another assembly if you get a chance; it works, for example, just
fine on System.dll.

Off to sleep,

~ j.