[Mono-list] System.Threading stuffs

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jan 2002 20:01:10 -0500

> i ' ve until now only read books and partecipate in a passive fashion to the mailing list.
> Now i think that i can begin to do something useful.
> I have recently taken the Operating Systems exam in my university. I developed for that exam a
> library of classes to create a common threading layer between Win32 and Linux 
> ( either OSes has a 1 to 1 mapping model for threads ) hiding the differences between the 
> pseudo-POSIX Linux model and the Win32 Threading model. I've studied for do so either Win32 ( AW by Richter )
> model and POSIX ( with a look to restrictions forced by kernel in LinuxThread ) so i think the best field in witch i
> can help project is some stuff in System.Threading.

Wow!  This is exactly what we were looking for.  A volunteer that would
implement the Win32 threading routines.  We have only implemented them
for pthreads.

This lives in the `mono' module (the runtime engine), in the
`mono/mono/metadata' directory.  Start  by copying the threads-dummy.c
into threads-win32.c and you can go from there (you can look at
threads-pthread.c for reference).