[Mono-list] TODOAttribute.cs patch update

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 18:35:28 -0700

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This supercedes the previous patch.  In addition to the last, it:

	* exposes a public string property, 'Comment'.

~ j.

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Index: TODOAttribute.cs=0A=
RCS file: /cvs/public/mcs/class/corlib/System/TODOAttribute.cs,v=0A=
retrieving revision 1.3=0A=
diff -u -r1.3 TODOAttribute.cs=0A=
--- TODOAttribute.cs	2002/01/05 04:23:00	1.3=0A=
+++ TODOAttribute.cs	2002/01/06 21:42:19=0A=
@@ -16,10 +16,10 @@=0A=
 	/// <remarks>=0A=
 	///   Use this to decorate any element which you think is not complete=0A=
 	/// </remarks>=0A=
-	[AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets.All)]=0A=
-	internal class MonoTODOAttribute : Attribute {=0A=
+	[AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets.All, AllowMultiple=3Dtrue)]=0A=
+	public class MonoTODOAttribute : Attribute {=0A=
-		string comment;=0A=
+		private string comment;=0A=
 		public MonoTODOAttribute ()=0A=
@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@=0A=
 		public MonoTODOAttribute (string comment)=0A=
 			this.comment =3D comment;=0A=
+		}=0A=
+		public string Comment=0A=
+		{=0A=
+			get { return comment; }=0A=