[Mono-list] PATCH: corlib/System/TODOAttribute.cs

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 18:00:09 -0700

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Attached is a small patch for System.MonoTODOAttribute.  It:

   * changes the class visiblity from internal to public,
     as we seem to be using it outside the corlib assembly

   * Changes the AttributeUsage attribute to allow multiple
     MonoTODO attributes (in case there's more than just
     "finish this method")

Feel free to ignore this if you had good reasons for the original

~ j.

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Index: TODOAttribute.cs=0A=
RCS file: /cvs/public/mcs/class/corlib/System/TODOAttribute.cs,v=0A=
retrieving revision 1.3=0A=
diff -u -r1.3 TODOAttribute.cs=0A=
--- TODOAttribute.cs	2002/01/05 04:23:00	1.3=0A=
+++ TODOAttribute.cs	2002/01/06 21:04:35=0A=
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@=0A=
 	/// <remarks>=0A=
 	///   Use this to decorate any element which you think is not complete=0A=
 	/// </remarks>=0A=
-	[AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets.All)]=0A=
-	internal class MonoTODOAttribute : Attribute {=0A=
+	[AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets.All, AllowMultiple=3Dtrue)]=0A=
+	public class MonoTODOAttribute : Attribute {=0A=
 		string comment;=0A=