[Mono-list] Feature Request: Dynamic Loading and Preloading

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Jan 2002 14:29:03 -0500

>   * Does CLR allow something like classpath ?
> 	From what I gathered from the docs is that CLR allows a config 
> 	file for each executable which can be used to specify how to load
> 	the assemblies. But assemblies are a collection of classes. What
> 	if I want to provide a different implementation for a single class
> 	in the assembly.

I do not know about this.

>   * Will mono support LD_PRELOAD ;-)
> 	As we all know LD_PRELOAD is a very powerful feature of unices.
> 	I wish to retain this feature in mono CLR. 

It is an interesting idea.  We might consider this feature in the
future, for now, lets get a full system implemented ;-)

>   * Can we ask the runtime to locate and use the next assembly/whatever
> 	instead of the one it has already found.

This should be configurable or you can use Assembly.LoadFrom.