[Mono-list] Mono C# compiler finaly can compile itself!

Alex Graveley alex@ximian.com
03 Jan 2002 20:59:02 -0500


On Thu, 2002-01-03 at 15:47, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello guys,
>    Finally second generation the Mono C# compiler can compile itself.
>    What this means is:
> 	Microsoft C# compiler generates mcs.exe
> 	mcs.exe compiles itself and genreates mcs2.exe
> 	mcs2.exe compiles itself and generates mcs3.exe
>    MCS2.exe and MCS3.exe are identicaly (modulo the different random
> unique names), here is a diff of a disassembly of the mcs2.exe and
> mcs3.exe:


This is the best news I've heard in a long time! Congrats!

Can we get mcs2.exe into the CVS tree?


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