[Mono-list] Progress of the day.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
03 Jan 2002 03:45:20 -0500

Hey guys,

   The second generation compiler is getting close to compile itself. 
All the parsing works, and it can compile small programs.  Larger
programs like MCS itself turn out many errors related to virtual

   The fun thing is that getting the parser to run took two one-line
patches.  The not-so-fun part was that tracking those two lines took me
about two hours each.  

   A harder problem related to code generation took the best part of
four hours.  But things are looking really nice ;-)

   It was also really good feedback to work today, as lots of guys on
channel #mono were also busy hacking their own programs and we got into
some kind of positive feedback loop.   Anyways, commits going to CVS