[Mono-list] (MacOSX) Requesting porting guide clarifications

Ryan Wilhm ryan_wilhm@yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:47:28 -0600


I'm back from vacation, and I'd like to start doing port patches for Mac OS
X. I've noticed the porting guidelines on the go-mono.com site, and was
wondering if I could request some clarifications. (Some fairly
administrative, some specific.) I'd like to make sure that I'm as close to
being friendly with the current project standards and expectations, so maybe
if all is cool, the patches can be incorporated into the main project. I've
gotten everything to build, but not work just yet.

1. Re: The current guidelines
Am I correct in assuming that I don't need to mess with the PPC arch
implementation? I know this is currently underway for PPC based Linux
distros, but I'm assuming the CLI bytecode to native code should map 1:1
irregardless. I'm also proceeding under the assumption that porting the JIT
is not really a concern at the moment, and that I should focus on making
sure the interpreter works first and foremost.

2. Specifying platform specific behavior in the code
There have been a few problems that I fixed by using macros. Is that cool?
Apple has defined "__APPLE__" in it's headers, so I've been using that to
single out OS X platform fixes. Is this cool? Would it be more appropriate
to define a macro specific to the Mono build to tag OS X behavior? Or, is
this totally wrong?

3. License issues
Is there anything that I need to specify in the patches (in comments or a
separate file) for license compatibility with the main project? (LGPL/GPL?)

4. Patch distribution/issues
Is there a preferred means for fencing out patches to the main project?
'patch' seems like the lowest common denominator... Also, I was hoping to
just target minor point drops instead of trying to hit a moving target in
the anon CVS. Is this cool?

My immediate goal is just to get the current build to build working
executables, but I would like to eventually provide both: 1) a patch that
builds a proper OS X framework, and 2) an installer to install said

Hope this is cool, and not too forward... I know I'm going to have many more
questions to ask, and don't want to overstep any boundaries.


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