[Mono-list] MS doc discrepencies

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
27 Feb 2002 12:24:03 -0500

> I've been working on MonoTests.System.MathTest, running it with the
> Microsoft runtime, and testing the Microsoft classes.  What I found is that
> in a couple of cases the Microsoft System.Math class does not behave as the
> documentation describes it.
> This makes me wonder which I should treat as law.  Should I write the tests
> to they follow the docs to the letter, or should I write them so they all
> pass when run against the Microsoft classes?

Documentation might also contain bugs, so my suggestion is that:

	* You write down the problem, so we can forward this to the
	  Microsoft people to track the problem down.

	* Try to get the test to run with the Microsoft runtime, most
	  likely the bug is in the documentation (we have already ran
	  into a couple of those, they will be updating their
	  documentation with the bug fixes in the future).

	* If you gut instinct is that the documentation is right, and
 	  the implementation wrong, then do the opposite.

But I encourage you to always document the problem, so we can follow up
with them.
> It's also possible I'm doing something wrong.  I'll send my code to whoever
> wants to proof it, but I don't want to clutter the mailing list just yet
> ^_^.

Post it to the list, we will be happy to help ;-)

We will take it from there. 

> Also, assuming this all gets worked out, should I simply post the code to
> this list?

Yes, that would be excellent!  Or we could give you a CVS account once you are ready.