[Mono-list] Mono for Mac OS X?

Ryan Wilhm ryan_wilhm@yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:05:08 -0600

(I'm back. :) Thanks, I actually got everything to build after a little
massaging. I also managed to get all of the regression tests to pass on
'make check', so I'm taking that as a positive sign. I'll file a bug with
everything that I needed to do to get 1.3.15 (latest as of this morning) to

On 2/19/02 6:40 AM, "Paolo Molaro" <lupus@ximian.com> wrote:

> On 02/18/02 Ryan Wilhm wrote:
>> For glib, I didn't see anything but the 1.2 dist in Fink out there for OS X,
>> so I tried to compile the 1.3.13 source tarball. Here's what I did to make
>> that work:
>> - I had to replace config.guess (It couldn't guess the OS type, I just
>> copied the one in the mono-0.8 tarball over.)
>> - I set up CPPFLAGS with "-no-cpp-precomp" like you'd mentioned, and also
>> added "-I/sw/include" dir to look for headers in the fink distro. Also set
>> up LDFLAGS with "-L/sw/lib".
>> - In "glib/gdir.c", an additional include was needed for stdint.h.
>> - Libtool was generated to include "-undefined suppress" to suppress
>> errors/warnings, which bombs in 10.1 now. I removed that.
>> That seemed to build everything up to the "tests" target, which built but
>> didn't link due to some unresolved symbols in module (I think).
> glib 1.3.13 is out, You may try if that fixes some problems you had.
> Also, make sure that the glib developers know about this issues, so thay
> can fix their code, too: http://bugzilla.gnome.org.
> Thanks,
> lupus

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