[Mono-list] CorCompare XML ready

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 22:25:04 +0900

| Yeah the resulting file is a little large. I'm not sure about 
| the best way to split it up, maybe we could have the 
| corcompare tool or the deploy script generate separate XML 
| files and do it that way. Alternatively we could just use 
| HTTP compression - it compresses down to about 15K!

Let's keep it simple at first and just have one BOF (Big 'ol File) for
now.  If people complain because it's too slow or Miguel's dial up is to
slow to push it out to the web :), we can worry about it then.

Let's use Warren's suggestion and make the graphic file names one
letter, and that'll help.  Not sure if collapsed will help, but if it
does, let's do that too.

| I've attached an update (without the .htm, .xml files), 
| there's a demo on
| 	http://www.friskit.com/erez/xslt/cormissing.htm

This is cool.  You are the man.

| I've added a few UI features:
| * The list is sorted alphabetically now



|   - I'll probably change this to use checkboxes, it just 
| kinda evolved this way ;-)

Let's put the check boxes for missing, todo, and all.  "All" will
uncheck the other two.

| I think it would be nice if the cormissing tool actually 
| included the 'completed' items, too. Then clicking on 
| 'completed' will actually show something ;-)

I was thinking this is just a list of what needs to be done to finish
the corlib. People look here to see what needs love.  I would like to
see this tree get smaller and smaller as time goes on.

That is the mono hacker's point view, of course. End users possibly want
to know the opposite --  What's done that they can use in their
programs. Absence from the tree gives the answer, albeit in a convoluted

What would be really cool is including the completed items, *and* having
the nunit tests marking them for failing tests.  That info is good for
both mono hackers and end users.

So, considering there is already concern about the size of the data, and
there are very few, if any end users right now, I propose we just show
missing and todo items for now.  We can revisit this later when it's
more clear what we need.

| As far as deployment, I think it would be easiest to just 
| dump the xslt directory inside the 'cormissing' CVS 
| directory, create a deploy rule in the Makefile somewhat like:
| deploy: CorCompare.exe
| 	cp cormissing.xml xslt
| 	cd xslt
| 	cscript /nologo transform.js > cormissing.htm
| 	rm -f cormissing.xml
| 	cd ..
| 	tar -cvf - xslt | gzip -c > xslt.tar.gz

Sounds good to me.  However, We need to wrap the tree in the Mono
"template" too.  How should that be done?

Excellent work Piers!

Nick D.