[Mono-list] 2 Questions

Kevin Winchester kwin@ns.sympatico.ca
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 19:07:53 -0400

1. Does the .NET SDK exist for Win98?  I wouldn't imagine it does, but just
to have the csc compiler would allow me to try and contribute to this

2. There are some interfaces listed in the non-implemented class libraries
(i.e System.Runtime.InteropServices.ICustomFactory,
System.Runtime.InteropServices.IDispatchImplType , etc.).  Are these as
simple to implement as just writing out the interface methods in a source
file, or is there more to this?  If there isn't much more, it would seem
like a good way of getting into the writing of actual code for me as I have
never contributed to any open source project yet.  So if anyone has a
solution to question 1, then maybe I could do that for you.

Kevin Winchester