[Mono-list] Announcement: MonoLOGO

Richard Hestilow hestilow@ximian.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 00:18:43 -0600

Hello monkeys,
    I have started work on an implementation of LOGO for .NET. The goal is
to be 99% compliant with Berkeley LOGO (there are a few internal UCBLogo
directives that won't make sense to support). Eventually I hope to extend
the LOGO syntax to support most if not all of .NET's constructs. I am told
there is an object oriented LOGO for the macintosh, but I was unable to
obtain any documentation on this dialect, so I will most likely simply
invent my own OO syntax and try to remain faithful to the overall look and
feel of LOGO.

What works right now:
    * compiler mode. An interpreter mode is planned.
    * Global function invocation (currently only "Print" is implemented.)
    * Basic list creation and manipulation (First, ButFirst, ...)
    * Method invocation works, but as there is no object creation support
yet, you can only test this on lists.
    * String declaration

The code is available in mono cvs, module "MonoLOGO". It may take a day for
the module to appear on anonymous cvs. You will need mcs checked out and
built, as the compiler uses jay for parsing.

-- Richard