[Mono-list] [BUG] Parser error on try/finally

Eric Kidd eric.kidd@pobox.com
23 Feb 2002 20:33:24 -0500

I can't connect to Bugzilla for some reason, so I'll report this here. 
I'm running mcs 0.9 under mint on Debian x86 Linux.

The following program breaks the parser:

using System;
class ExceptionTest {
    static void Main () {
	try {
	    throw new Exception("Testing.");
	} finally {
	    Console.WriteLine("Cleaning up.");

Here's the error:

$ mcs exception.cs
./exception.cs (9,8), Token:345   : Parsing error 
A null value was found where an object instance was
requiredSystem.NullReferenceExceptionTODO: implement stack traces
Error: Parsing failed