[Mono-list] Re: NUnit trouble

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
22 Feb 2002 16:28:32 +0100

> It seems you are running this from across a network, by the looks of the
> "Appbase" above.  If I delete my NUnitCore.dll an try to run
> NUnitConsole.exe then it says my Appbase is:
> LOG: Appbase = C:\cygwin\home\Nick\mcs\nunit\
> I am simply running in cygwin locally on Windows.  Perhaps you are
> trying something more fancy?

Hi Nick,

I was trying to run this on an SMB share since I don't have enough disk space
on my Windows box. After copying NUnitConsole.exe and NUnitCore.dll to a local
directory, this now works fine.

But why isn't this finding it's DLL if it's mounted over the network ?

Martin Baulig