[Mono-list] Re: System.Xml

Daniel Weber dweber1@austin.rr.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 22:12:24 -0600

I only signed up originally to write some of the classes - I didn't plan then 
on writing the parser itself.  What really needs writing is a parser - I 
started working on one, but it's a huge job and, without any help, I quickly 
ran out of motivation.

I started porint the code from OpenXML 2.3.17 (a delphi implementation  
http://www.philo.de/xml/), and a lot of the support code, like code page 
stuff, is in there.  There's also the beginnings of the parser.

The parser design is non-trivail, especially when you start factoring in DTD 
and schema support (and namespaces, and.....)  It would be nice if we could 
get just a well-formedness parser running to actually start testing the class 
implementations, though.

Feel free to throw as much love as possible at the classes, they need 


On Thursday 21 February 2002 22:45, Mike Kestner wrote:
> Daniel,
> I noticed that you haven't committed to CVS for a while.  Are you still
> working the XML classes?  I was just surveying the landscape for moving
> Gtk# development onto linux, and System.Xml is one of my dependencies.
> I'm chomping at the bit to get over on linux, so if you're not working
> on them, I'll start throwing some love at the XML classes.
> Let me know.
> Mike