[Mono-list] Bug in command-line handling of mcs.exe

Warren Schrey warren@elven.ca
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:31:05 -0500


> * Make our command line arguments Microsoft-compatible.
> * Allow for both --option or /option.

Certainly supporting --option, /option, and -option with the csc arguments
as a minimum, would be a good idea, since it would ease the work of porting
build scripts between compilers.

> * Always handle /option like --option, and have a special
>   /quote to "quote" the next option as a filename, so
>   if you really wanted to compile /? (which btw, right now
>   we refuse to, because it has to end in .cs), then you would
>   use:
> mcs /quote /?

Instead of this, how about using double-quote marks instead?  You would need
to do this anyhow, if you want to compile a source-file that has spaces in
its name.  ie.  mcs "/?" would compile the ? file in the root directory (on
a Unix variant, that is... '?' is not a valid filename under Windows)....
mcs /? would always provide the help screen regardless of platform.