[Mono-list] Nightly builds

Gerry Shaw gerry_shaw@yahoo.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 20:50:40 -0800

> Could someone take care of generating nightly builds of the 
> mono project so we can get our daily fresh mcs executables? 
> (Again, since I'm not running windows, I'm not able to 
> provide the scripts to build them myself). Maybe ximian 
> people could do this, and distribute the builds via the mono 
> web site, so possibly even more people could get involved in 
> contributing.

If somebody has a windows box with ASP.NET that I can get access to I'd
love to start testing the Nant Build Server with Mono.  I've got it
running on my private machine building nant but its not set up to act as
a public server.  

You can see some screen shots and download an older version of the code

In a nutshell its designed to work with a number of projects.  Each
project has a mini buildfile that knows how to get the source code from
the repository and then calls nant on the projects build file.  The
output is logged into a database and new builds can be triggered on
demand (via the project page or web service).  It would be trivial to
add a cron job to call the web service to trigger a nightly build.  Part
of the nightly build could also easily zip the contents and push it into
a folder so others could download.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.  The donation of free asp.net
hosting would most welcome.