[Mono-list] better camelCase handling in emacs

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
20 Feb 2002 02:59:49 -0500


I've been looking for better camelCase and PascalCase handling in emacs
for awhile. It looks like I found part of the solution:


With this minor-mode enabled, M-b, M-f goes within the Word, so

ArgumentNullException is now three 'words', instead of one. Argument.
Null. Exception.

I'm still having trouble with dabbrev-expand, since M-/ doesn't like
expanding names like this:

ThisWord -> ThisWord (it works fine here)

thisWord -> thisword (nope, wanna find a fix to this)

anyhow, I posted on emacswiki already, so hopefully someone could help
me with this.