[Mono-list] Nightly builds

Anthony Liekens mooby@nerdhero.org
19 Feb 2002 21:10:14 +0000

Hi all,

Maybe this point hasn't been stressed explicitly enough in other
threads, so I'd like to reopen this issue in a distinct thread.

I (possibly among many others) am not fortunate enough (or am I?) to
have any microsoft product whatsoever running on my boxes, but I'd like
to start contributing. It's pretty hard to do so if you can't get the
latest CVS version to run and ask around to get a recent build on IRC.

Could someone take care of generating nightly builds of the mono project
so we can get our daily fresh mcs executables? (Again, since I'm not
running windows, I'm not able to provide the scripts to build them
myself). Maybe ximian people could do this, and distribute the builds
via the mono web site, so possibly even more people could get involved
in contributing.