[Mono-list] Mono for Mac OS X?

Ryan Wilhm ryan_wilhm@yahoo.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 08:53:14 -0600

Cool. I started dinking with this over the weekend. I thought I'd share what
I've found so far:

For pkg-config, I just downloaded and installed Fink.

For glib, I didn't see anything but the 1.2 dist in Fink out there for OS X,
so I tried to compile the 1.3.13 source tarball. Here's what I did to make
that work:

- I had to replace config.guess (It couldn't guess the OS type, I just
copied the one in the mono-0.8 tarball over.)

- I set up CPPFLAGS with "-no-cpp-precomp" like you'd mentioned, and also
added "-I/sw/include" dir to look for headers in the fink distro. Also set
up LDFLAGS with "-L/sw/lib".

- In "glib/gdir.c", an additional include was needed for stdint.h.

- Libtool was generated to include "-undefined suppress" to suppress
errors/warnings, which bombs in 10.1 now. I removed that.

That seemed to build everything up to the "tests" target, which built but
didn't link due to some unresolved symbols in module (I think).

I didn't get much farther than that. I tried to kick off the mono build
(from the 0.8 source tarball). It got up to the point where it wanted to
find PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE in pthread.h, which I've noticed that you'd
posted a workaround for in an earlier thread for non-glibc systems. I was
going to take a gander at that next. Was also going to go back and see if I
can get the tests to compile for glib, to make sure it regresses okay.


On 2/15/02 12:38 PM, "Jeffrey Stedfast" <fejj@ximian.com> wrote:

> I've been working on making mono more portable in order to help me port
> to Sun/SPARC and I've now got it compiling. Also, Radek Doulik has
> already successfully ported mono to LinuxPPC. This means that pretty
> much all you should need to do is compile under OSX and it will probably
> Mostly Just Work (tm) as far as I know at least.
> Note: You need to specify -no-cpp-precomp in CPPFLAGS when compiling
> just about anything UNIX-ish as opposed to Mac-ish. (Otherwise it uses
> the hacked-up Apple version of cpp, which claims to be gcc, but doesn't
> support all of the extensions.) -- Dan Winship
> If you come accross any build problems, perhaps you can send a patch to
> the list or else let someone know where the build gets stuck.
> I do know that OSX doesn't support some POSIX functions, like strtok_r
> and gethostbyname_r - but I don't think they are currently being used
> within mono.
> I guess what I'm saying is: give it a go, if it fails then at least
> someone can report where it fails :-)
> Jeff
> On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 09:31, Ryan Wilhm wrote:
>> Okay, so I did a little searching around the net and found interviews where
>> Miguel says that a port to OS X is in the plan. I guess my question is: Is
>> it actively being developed? Or is Linux the priority right now, with an OS
>> X port forthcoming afterwards?
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan
>> On 2/14/02 12:15 PM, "Ryan Wilhm" <ryan_wilhm@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Out of curiosity, is there any effort underway to port to OS X? I know that
>>> MS is providing a port to FreeBSD, and it probably isn't much of a leap from
>>> there to port to OS X (assuming they want to), but it'd be nice to have an
>>> open source implementation available to keep MS honest.
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