[Mono-list] DateTime / TimeZone

Laurent Guerby guerby@acm.org
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:24:18 +0100

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> DotGNU is only a Passport alternative, however they are hosting/working
> with Portable.NET which is doing something similar to Mono. Miguel
> probably just misunderstood your question and thought you meant DotGNU
> proper rather than DotGNU w/ Portable.NET.

Okay thanks for the context :). Then the more accurate question is: is 
a ressource for the Mono project or are Mono project participant
encouraged to rewrite all the things that might already be coded in 
pnetlib CVS?

 From their web site www.dotgnu.org:

<<We're building something that could be called an "operating system for 
the internet" - a collection of tools that allow software components to 
interact with each other over the internet. The most impressive parts 
are currently DotGNU Portable.NET which builds a C# compiler, class 
library, and related development tools, and phpGroupWare, a multi-user 
web-based GroupWare suite, which also serves to provide a good 
collection of webservice components, all of which can be accessed 
through XML-RPC so that you can easily integrate them into webservice 
applications of your own.

DotGNU, a project of FreeDevelopers and GNU, is really a meta-project 
that will consist of a good number of such software development 
projects. The main objectives of DotGNU are to build a webservices 
platform and a Virtual Identities system.
Laurent Guerby <guerby@acm.org>