System.Windows.Forms (Was: RE: [Mono-list] Compiling Various Libraries under Cygwin)

Miguel de Icaza
14 Feb 2002 02:36:48 -0500

> I've been thinking about the windows forms package. Its certainly high level
> enough that you could implement it using a non-windows related toolkit like
> gtk. The GDI+ package might be more effort depending on how similar its
> primitive operations are to the Windows GDI, but still do-able. If we see
> mono as a tool for people who want to develop in C# (or other CLI compatible
> language) on a non-Windows platform this is all OK.

I was planning to have something like this:

	On X11 systems:
		System.Drawing.Drawing2D: uses libart to render.
		System.Windows.Forms: uses Gtk+ for its toolkit.

	On Aqua:
		System.Drawing.Drawing2D: uses cocoa.
		System.Windows.Forms: uses cocoa.

Libart is part of the Gnome platform.