[Mono-list] Re: Problems setting up MONO for research

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Feb 2002 22:47:01 -0500

Hello Vijay!

>  We at UCSB are doing a project for our computer science course
> on Programming languages on the features and effeciency ofthe mono system

This sounds really nice!  I hope that Mono can be of use to you guys,
just keep in mind that it is still a project under heavy development.

> However during setup we have a few problems .WE started out with
> procdure mentioned onthe web site . The first problem we ran into was
> ofcourse the change in code and also the version of autoconf . Once we
> fixed this we could not install it because it apparently never found
> glib.h . Howver, when we changed the path in the env variables, to point
> to the relevant direcotries it did .Now we are left with this hurdle,a
> snapshot of which is given below. It apparently bombed because it didnt
> find setup.exe? Or isit somehting else? Please help Your help inthis
> regard will be appreciated !

Various people have had different levels of success compiling the
JIT/interpreter under Windows.  I am not sure of what the status of this
work is (my team at Ximian has been focusing on getting the JIT/runtime
in shape for Linux work, so we have not developed as much work as we
should to the Windows port).

So the situation is as follows:

	* Class libraries and compiler: need Windows + Cygwin to compile

	* Mono JIT/Interpreter: currently known to work on Linux/x86 and

There is a discussion on the mailing list in the last couple of days
about this topic, maybe some progress was done there? 

In any case, I would love to hear how we can simplify the installation 
process and we are as usual welcoming porting bug fixes.