[Mono-list] Mono causes Floods

Dylan Proulx dproulx@carl.org
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:51:25 -0700

Perhaps the danger of flooding will evaporate as soon as MCS is capable of
compiling rafts.  Given the progress made so far, as an outsider I would
guess that this will be sometime in July.  Until then Life-jackets are the
best bet.  Maybe gzip could inflate one?
  But if it is truly Mono that is causing flooding, then I think the entire
open source movement may go down the drain.  Except for open source seafood
trading. (Fish .NET ?).

Deluged Dylan
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From: "Mark Lewis" <lewism@businesslogic.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 3:42 PM
Subject: [Mono-list] Mono causes Floods

> Yes, it is sadly true.  Participating in the Mono project can indeed
> in massive and expensive flooding.
> Perhaps you doubt this.  You say to yourself, how can something as
> as reading a mailing list and looking at C# code cause such disaster?
> me to detail my experience, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the
> incredible risk that readers of this newsgroup face daily.
> Today, I decided not to go out for lunch to any of the nearby eateries,
> instead I would munch on snacks at work and spend my time catching up on
> mono-list traffic.  That fatal decision made, I walked to the company
> kitchen to wash out a bowl I use for tasty delicacies such as Ramen
> There I discovered that the kitchen sink wasn't getting any hot water.
> of this is obviously Mono's fault for keeping my at work on my lunch
> but it gets even worse.
> As the responsible corporate employee that I am, I dutifully sent off a
> quick email to our facilities manager to look into the hot water, and
> settled in to read mono-list.  Suddenly, in the middle of the "Setting
> in LinuxPPC" thread, we hear a splash in the kitchen.  Moments later a
> broadcast email goes out to all company employees to avoid the kitchen due
> to a water problem.
> Yes, sadly, in attempting to fix the hot water, building maintenance
> mistakenly caused a water leak that resulted in turning our kitchen area
> into a  small (25-foot) pond, and trapping our poor CEO in his office,
> hemmed in by water on all sides.  I just hope it didn't get the floor
> beneath us too wet, since we're on the 9th floor.
> Clearly, _ALL_ Mono participants are at risk for similar disasters.  I for
> one would push for a Mono fire and water-hazard awareness FAQ, to increase
> list awareness of the dangers, and to offer a support-group for the
> unfortunate injured and maimed.
> Regards,
> Mark Lewis
> Business Logic Corporation