[Mono-list] Contributing non .NET libraries

Greg Pasquariello gpasq@theoreality.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 18:15:11 -0700

Over the past few weeks, I've been developing Theoreality .NETMail, a
library of mail functionality for .NET.  It provides full messaging
functionality, SMTP client and server functionality, POP client and
server functionality, working on IMAP, etc., etc.  Future direction is
to integrate with Instant Messenging, NNTP News, Calendaring, etc.
Layered on top are user mail services such as Spam avoidance, rules
processing and the like

The idea was to make it available to anyone that wanted to use it.
Since I've started it, I've become involved in the mono project,
developing the System.Web.Mail classes.

What I'd like to know is if Mono is interested in getting .NETMail as
part of the Mono .NET framework.  Related to that, currently the
System.Web.Mail classes are self-contained... They handle messaging and
SMTP communications within the library, but they could be easily
modified to utilize .NETMail.

The state of the code is that it's nearly ready for inclusion, with
basic functionality already in place.  It needs some work to be more
complete, but I was intending to do that anyway.

Anyway, I'm new to mono and not quite sure of the protocol for
contributing.  Is this something anyone would care to have as part of

Greg Pasquariello