[Mono-list] Internal calls

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:36:48 +0100

On 02/11/02 Dan Lewis wrote:
> This would be nice. But looking at the MS assemblies, some low-level classes
> are not in the corlib (System.Net.Sockets springs to mind). So it looks like
> it's going to have to be the corlib and a minimal selection of System
> assemblies.

Uhm, you're right.

> As you say, corlib completion is the probably number one priority at the
> moment. Talking of which, is there any list of the critical classes that are
> missing for this?

System.Convert needs finishing. TypeDelegate needs some work as well.
A part from that stuff, the most needed things are tests:
tests for the integer and floating parsing routines, tests for delgates,
tests for array sorting and other array operations. Tests for
stringbuilder, hashtable, arraylist.
We need tests for the stream and text writer/readers.
We need to go through the current implementation of the methods you get
with monodis --memberref mcs.exe and check that it behaves according to
the documentation.
When that is done, we need to run mcs against as many tests as possible
and fix the issues that come up, because most of the issues are bugs
more than missing bits.
I know that some of these tests already exists, but until I get nunit
working on linux they don't help much, since they either can tests only
some high level stuff or we get errors because the classes depend on the
mono runtime.


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