[Mono-list] Bug in the interpreter: pinvoke

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:09:48 +0100

On 02/09/02 Adam Treat wrote:
> I've come across a bug in the interpreter when using DllImport.  You can not 
> pass two strings as arguments to a DllImport statement.  If you do it balks 
> and throws a 'NullReference null was found where object was required' 
> exception.  The jit works fine with this.  This was found running on linux. 

Fixed the bug in cvs. Also change the interp to set a better message in
the exception when it segfaults.

> I know the interpreter and jit share code for PInvoke, so don't know exactly 
> what's happening.

They share the code generation bits, but none of the logic since it's
completely different in the two cases.

Thanks for the report!


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