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Patrik Torstensson totte@labs2.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 06:35:02 +0100

I think the HttpChannelServer is just a small wrapper for doing remoting over http and shouldn't we wait to implement that until most of the remoting namespaces are ready. There is a number of issues to take care of there like weak references, well-known objects, singletons etc. 
The good think with the ASP.Net classes (HttpResponse, HttpRequest) are that they handle all advanced http parsing etc and if you have a application web server you would like to use them instead of having a own set of request/response classes. I agree with your plan but just to make more detailed:
* Implement a web server that uses delegates to call handlers and the handlers gets the HttpContext object as parameter. The Request/Response classes uses a interface for all IO, that means that they can later be used in the Apache runtime.
* Implement a handler (HttpRuntime, HttpWorkerRequest classes) that can call IHttpModule and IHttpHander interfaces, that is the base for the ASP.Net runtime testing. We need to implement the PageHandler that is responsible for starting the Page object that handles the parsing of the page.
* You could use the classes to implement remoting also but I think we should wait with that point..
Miguel, do you know the timeframe for making Mono a lib that could be embedded? 
- Patrik

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	> I would definitely second this suggestion.  However, I do not see
	> the need for support of IIS compatibility.  Why would anyone be interested in
	> running Mono's ASP.NET with IIS over Microsoft's.  Let's work on supporting
	> Apache and XSP.
	Here is the plan I suggested:
	        * Build a set of classes that can provide a web server from an
	        * Use these classes to implement things like HttpChannel.
	        * Use these classes to roll our own "ASP.NET-server-in-a-class"
	        * If people want to integrate with Apache in the future, then
	          they could do so by adapting the classes when we have an
	          embeddable runtime (which we do not have yet).
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